Sustainability improves Livability


Making sure our streets, parks, and neighborhoods stay clean is important to our quality of life. It is a simple thing, but sponsoring more community clean-up efforts and dumpster days is a good goal - these collective efforts build community!

But a sustainable Concord requires much more than that: we need to work aggressively to take critical next steps in green technology. For example, houses built in all future developments will require solar paneling, so they should also be all-electric.  All major thermal appliances should use heat pump technology: water heaters and heating/airconditioning.

And we need to begin work immediately to plan electric car charging stations in support of California's electric car mandate, which begins to take effect in 2035.

Finally, Concord residents should collaborate actively with our garbage collection utility to ensure that best practices are implemented across the board. All these require "green" leadership.

I will work to help the city, Concord residents and businesses focus on increasing sustainability measures so that we all can care for our common home.

Do you have sustainability ideas for your neighborhood? Reach out to me, and let's talk.