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California law requires that we collect certain information - an employment response is needed, even if you aren't employed. Please read the guidance on the form carefully. Thanks for your patience, and your support!

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The California Political Reform Act (Prop. 34) places limits on contributions (including loans) to candidates and imposes certain prohibitions. This request does not seek a contribution in excess of applicable limits or from prohibited sources. An individual or a business which is a sole proprietorship may contribute a maximum of $1,000 to LAURA NAKAMURA FOR CONCORD CITY COUNCIL 2022 per election. A couple may give $2,000 from a joint account if both names are on the account and both spouses sign the contribution. Contributions of $100 or more made in cash, by cashier’s check or money order are prohibited. Contributions from foreign nationals not admitted for permanent residency or contributions made in the name of another are prohibited.

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