Homelessness is a challenge for everyone


The unhoused in our community are Concord residents. Multiple studies have verified that typically between 65% - 80% of homeless in any given city were formerly housed residents of that same city.

They are our neighbors, our friends, our family - and we need to work together to find solutions that benefit everyone.

Homelessness affects everyone in the city in different ways, but it is not healthy for anyone to ignore it, hope they just go away, or treat their challenges like crimes.

City departments must work more constructively with county, regional, and state resources to ensure that services for our unhoused neighbors actually resolve problems, with the explicit goal of reducing the number of Concord residents who are unhoused.

And there is a vitally important active role for housed residents as well: this is not simply a city government responsibility. It takes everyone to solve homelessness.

Affordable housing is an essential need to our total housing picture in Concord. We need to work to increase affordable housing stock and options in our community for current residents, future generations, and new neighbors!

Are you or someone you know unhoused? Let me know, I care about you!