Building a better partnership


We are fortunate that Concord is generally a safe city, in comparison to some of our Bay Area neighbors certainly. But that does not mean we can close our eyes to the need for meaningful policing improvements that could work well right here in Concord.

As we adopt emerging public safety technologies and practices, I think it’s in the public’s interest that we fully understand the scope of the usage. This should entail increased transparency and reporting of data and making right-fit adjustments to policies that best reflect our city.

When I think about my community, I feel it is important to have a constructive partnership between the police department and those they are tasked to protect.

Relationships (or partnerships) are built on certain characteristics: transparency, two-way respect, direct collaboration, and recognition that the community should have an active voice in policing policies, oversight, and budgetary and operational effectiveness.

Do you have public and/or personal safety concerns? Share them with me, I want to see you!